Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Bearded dragons are kept in a steppe-desert terrarium . Just like for many other domestic species there are minimum measurements for the housing in captivity . The minimum sizes for a couple bearded dragons are 100 x 50 x 50 cm. One bearded dragon require a tank of 80 x 50 x 50 cm at least. And for threesome the minimum size is about 150 x 50 x 50 or 120 x 60 x 60. Please note these are really the minimum sizes and smaller is not permitted and determined that as unhealthy environment.

Young bearded dragons are better kept in a small housings. They sometimes run around like crazy and bumb their heads against the glass, in worst case this lets too injuries to racing and in the worst case. Also, young bearded dragons of the same size are kept fine together. (Lees hier meer over de huisvesting voor jonge Baardagamen.) 

The establishment of a terrarium

With provisioning, you should take into account the needs and wishes of the bearded dragon. It's not just a pretty tank to look at, the terrarium also needs to be functional. As an example rocks can be good for wear of nails, branches plants and jars too hide in, jars etc., Make sure that the bearded Dragon has enough shelter and sunbathing area.

Always consider the safety of the bearded dragon. Of course sharp protrusions and points don´t belong in a terrarium, but also unstable ornaments that can fall are not recommended.

Cleaning and maintaining a terrarium

Cleaning/maintaining a terrarium takes little time, but is very important. Good daily hygiene is promoting for health.

It´s best to glean daily out stool and spilled food from the terrarium, and it´s easy to keep clean this way. Depending on the size of the terrarium, number of animals and degree of soiling is sufficient 1 to ± 3 times a cleanthe entire terrarium.

Clean with hot water (possibly with a little derergent). If you use sand as ground cover, we recommend to refresh it regularly. Rather not reuse the sand but refresh. Also occasionally make the plants clean and not forget the ornaments.

In addition to good cleaning, it´s also important to occasionally check if replacing lights or other maintenance is required ect. The Uv lighting will need to be replaced from time to time, because it loses its optimal functioning over time.

Ground Cover

Their are are very different options for ground covering. In most cases they use sand, but also many other types of soil coverings are suitable as; corn grains, calcium granules. Below we will describe the two types of ground cover we have experience ourselves.

Terrarium sand: You can buy special terrarium sand in pet stores, often in different colors. The sand should not be too fine or dusty. This kind of sand is less suitable. The animals will become covverd under the dust and they mide even breath the dust in small quantities, which can be harmful for the health.

Terrarium sand is very suitable as bottom material. Somthimes the bearded dragon brag a lot of sand, when cathing their food. This is smething to watch out for when you use sand as ground covvering. Too much sand can lead to clogging. The can´t digest sand and theirfore it can cause blockages. One can solve this simple by feeding the bearded dragons separated.

One can also use bird sand. This often has a fresh smell and is´t dusty at all. Bird sand is not harmful if accidentally intake (small bits), however, large amounts can also cause blockages as described above.   

Maiskorrels: This ground covers is´t dusty at all, and is made of natural material. The grains give a nice effect. The grains past around the stools, which makes the stool easy to remove. However, the grains are not resistance against moisture. Don´t get it too wet, then there is a chance for fungus.

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