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Bearded dragon: Behavior and communication

Behavior and communication

A bearded dragon is a very fun animal and is day. Especially the young animals are much sought after. Each bearded dragon has its own character. The bearded Dragon is becoming increasingly popular because of its easy care and easy virtue. This will create more and more knowledge accumulated through all bearded Dragon holders.

Bearded dragons are curious animals and are very gentle in character. They communicate through morse-like signals. A bearded Dragon will not fast from aggression bite (on exceptions). But note that it is and remains a reptile. Bearded dragons are no stuffed animals, they love to do some attention but not always the attention on price. 

The bearded Dragon is a soil bewonende kind familiar on the ground, but also can climb on rocks and in trees. Especially the younger animals climbing, they are then safe for their larger counterparts, which remain more at the bottom. With their powerful legs can they are good high climbing. Unfortunately they are not so good and then in descend often fall down. Keep this in mind with the layout of the terrarium. 

Behaviors that you can recognize the bearded Dragon::

Surrounding area:

A bearded Dragon licks everything in his environment to impressions. By licking to everything it encounters can locate are the bearded Dragon. They stick out their tongue far out and pressing with the tongue raised toward the nose. This body is sent to the brain, and provides information the place determination of objects in the environment. So do not be alarmed when a bearded Dragon with its mouth open and his tongue out behind your hand.

Head nodding:

The head nod is typical for many reptiles. In contrast of what many people say can also be a female with her head nod. However, the movements of the female often less violently than in males. Also make the females sometimes a deep bow, which is a significantly different movement than head nod. They make a kind of wavy movement where the shoulders and for bow in a wavy movement. As a male with the head nodding don't they sometimes so violent that they with their front legs off the ground. The intention of the head nodding to another to impress or to seduce a female bearded Dragon. The young animals can head nod.


Especially the young females are known for their wave, but sometimes the males. There are several reasons why bearded dragons waving, the main one being to indicate that they ride are to mate. 

Also the young bearded dragons waving often to each other but not with the intention to vote an aggressive kind of enjoyed milder but more as a form of communication. Probably it has in young bearded dragons also deal with the beginning to build its own territory. But as soon as they become adults will stop this and become the only waving by the females.

Reasons to sway include: 

  • Recognition of species; Often from a distance
  • Few Willingness; During the mating season waving the females to indicate that they are ready to mate.
  • Communication; Young bearded dragons waving often to each other. However, this is a form of communication. As soon as the animals mature, only the females still use this form of communication.
  • Young bearded dragons waving often to each other. However, this is a form of communication. As soon as the animals mature, only the females still use this form of communication. 

Color change due to mood swings: 

At both males and in females can change the color of the body just like the beard change (feller) by mood swings. (zie ook stress). 

The black colouring of the beard is often a sign of votes to mate. also, the bearded Dragon are colors combine once he experiences anxiety, dominance or anger. Often the black coloring than accompanied by setting up many other colors that the bearded Dragon. Of course also the posture clearly adjusted (e.g. far expanded beard, high on legs, blowing) Also, the bearded Dragon dark colors by cooling. The bearded Dragon color slightly darker and there appear dark markings on the underside of the body to absorb more heat. These are often much more visible in younger animals than in adults.

Bearded dragonmouth open:

Sometimes they sperden the mouth wide open. They do this mostly because they have it hot. By far a tongue sticking out the animals can cool down faster. Once it really gets too hot they will look up the shade to cool off.

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