Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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How to hold a bearded dragon


The bearded dragon is one of the few reptiles that under the right circumstances can be somewhat completely tame, with the shyness/timidity for people disappears. With tam is to handle meant, your bearded Dragon can so get used to your hand. Although bearded dragons easy to handle reptiles, leave small children unattended the animal stick. It is also not intended that the bearded Dragon continuously from the terrarium. Bearded dragons are very sensitive to temperature changes. 

Not all bearded dragons are gladly worked. Try on the character of the bearded Dragon. If a bearded Dragon do not like to be handled to avoid as much as possible, then try this. Sometimes it can handle necessary. For example when moving at administering drugs etc. Make sure always on that handling on a peaceful and responsible way. If the bearded Dragon handling uncomfortable at a young age, the value at a later age sometimes still affect and will the bearded Dragon less tame. However, like some barbs from the terrarium. Sometimes they appreciate the gently rub under the beard or over the head. Give this bearded dragons also the required attention.

Handling bearded dragons can cause stressSometimes it can handle up to much stress suffering. As with all other forms of animal Stress is very bad for the health and for the relationship of trust between owner and pet. Stress may be recommended for different health risk s suffering and shorten the life of the bearded Dragon. Handling does not always have to stress to suffer. Stress should, as much as possible, be avoided. (Lees meer over stress)

Handling does not always have to stress to suffer. 

Handling bearded dragons in a safe wayGrab a bearded dragon never at the tail. This is not pleasant for the bearded Dragon. The bearded Dragon must be adequately supported, so he doesn't feel that he falls. Support preferably also the hind legs. Always make sure that the bearded Dragon you see it coming and approach than from the front. (If they still scare, give them a few seconds to shop around and do not hesitate to pick them quietly on.) Scoop the bearded Dragon if it were below the chest and let him further steps on your hand. 

Do not make any sudden movements on purpose and make sure you have the bearded Dragon is always above your lap or a table. Sometimes they seem quiet, but they can at once streaking and of your hand off racing. Therefore it is advisable to your thumb on top of their backs. 

Because the human body radiates heat, wanting some bearded dragons sometimes against the body to crawl.


Do this only if necessary (e.g. When administering medications) or have it run by an expert (e.g. veterinarian). Bearded Dragons have a muscular physique and powerful resistance and crabs. Fixing should always happen with a gentle grip. It is intended that the owner and bearded Dragon cannot injure. At the fixation is the bearded dragon from above for the front legs and gripped for the hind legs, with hind legs gently along the tail. The second person can grasp the corners of the mouth of the bearded dragon to the bearded dragon to stimulate the mouth open. In this way one can safely administer medications. 

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