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Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Health Care bearded dragon

Health care

Also bearded dragons can get sick. Prevention is better than cure!!! A number of important aspects for a healthy, strong baardgaam; proper nutrition, housing, care, lighting environmental factors etc. Limit disease a good accommodation and care.

A sick bearded dragon can you recognize to a number of points. A sick bearded Dragon refuses food, produces no bowel movement, has a curve (convex) back, there may come the mucus from the nose or mouth. The eyes may be sunken and dull or animals living in very bad health are listless. The characteristics to recognize a healthy bearded Dragon are mainly described in the chapter purchase (read more).  (lees meer over de aanschaf van een baardagaam)

An important role is the detection of disease symptoms. Good observation of your animal is worth. Watch with observing on; behavior, eyes (this must be clear), attitude, activity, appetite and color (bearded dragons that are often not feel dull/greyish in color). Make sure you, your bearded Dragon well knows and so know when he exhibits abnormal behavior. In reptiles can be quite let visible, that they are sick. Check the animals daily (e.g. during feeding) on their health. When you reach in notes that the bearded Dragon abnormal behaviour.  

Despite all the measures you take can be a bearded Dragon anyway ill be. Therefore at such an early stage as possible go to a reptile arts (see list reptiles doctors). It is unfortunately far too common that people respond too late. (The sick bearded Dragon will out of instinct trying to hide that he is weak/sick.) Some diseases are only with security fix after an investigation of blood or feces. So always take some fresh faeces (feces) to the vet. Put the sick bearded Dragon apart from the other or other to soothe the animal so. The best than paper towels so that the stool can be observed. Make sure the temperature pleasantly warm. As a result, warm the bearded dragon on (heat does she often well).

The eye of a bearded dragonIf animals become weak and lose weight by constant food refusal, go first with them to the vet, to determine the cause and take away. Often helps only forced feeding, remembers that this is very stressverwekkend and so only in these cases is applied. Ask the veterinarian what is the most appropriate for your reptile nutrition, related to the condition. Also remember that these animals often dry out quickly and give them with a pipette then also lime water. 

It is not intended and certainly not appropriate to itself for doctor. Medications can provide healing in the right dose, but the other way round by bv. they will then overdose rather as gif work and will you sick animal doomed. So when in doubt or suspicion of disease consult a specialist doctor.

Age expectancy

The age expectancy is linked to the genetic characteristics, health, food, housing and various outside factors.

Fortunately, there is a lot the last few years become known about disease in reptiles. Also at the universities is more attention to research and treating reptiles. The new veterinarians are therefore better prepared for common problems in reptiles. 

We verdiepen ons verder in ziektes en aandoeningen bij baardagamen. Wanneer u de haafdstukken gezondheidszorg doorleest is het handig om een aantal termen te kunnen onderschijden. Hieronder een aantal vormen van ziektes, aandoeningen en verwondingen die uw baardagaam mogelijk kan oplopen. 


A condition is a departure from the healthy state of body or mind. Some abnormalities are present from birth (can be hereditary). In most cases there may be fine be lived with a condition (sometimes lifelong treatment is required).


A condition is a departure from the healthy state of body or mind. Some abnormalities are present from birth (can be hereditary). In most cases there may be fine be lived with a condition (sometimes lifelong treatment is required).


A bearded dragon can suffer from all kinds of parasites. The only way to find this out is often by a manure research at a veterinarian. Naturally has a bearded Dragon in some parasites are gastrointestinal, but too large quantities can maladies. Try manure at least 2 times a year carry out a preventive research (preferably more frequently e.g. 4 x), so do you know if your pet is healthy! 


Injuries occur most often by fighting and biting male bearded dragons under each other. It is best to separate than the males. Injuries it is best treated with a disinfectant. Also, a bearded dragons injure themselves ugly to fall, usually creates by back injury. Therefore let the bearded dragons are not too high to climb.


Poisoning or intoxication is the condition that occurs on or after the recording of a sufficient amount of a poison to cause symptoms. One distinguishes acute poisoning and chronic poisoning. Another format is intentional poisoning and accidental poisoning, although most accidental poisonings. Sometimes a poison naturally by the body shed all the time, making the symptoms often (Note: not always) disappear. If the recording exceeds the excretion long-term there will be cumulation (overload) may occur. In the worst case, a bearded Dragon death.

Hoe herken je nu een zieke of gezonde baardagaam?

In de video hieronder zal ik een aantal kenmerken bescrijven, waaraan je een gezonde of zieke baardagaam evt. kunt herkennen.

video binnenkort te zien

Hieronder volgd een lijst met gezondheidsproblemen

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