Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Bearded dragon: Molting


The bearded dragon will regularly molting. Molting means; old skin shedding to exposing new underlying skin. Often make them feel big (blow up/dish) and sanding along objects in order to get rid of loose skin. The bearded Dragon is during the molt dof, but after the molt the colors are pretty visible. In addition, the appetite during the molt often bad. 

As the animals grow up they will go through a molt less and less often. The bearded Dragon is approximately after 1.5 years adult (grown, growing sometimes still by in width) and fully developed. Young barbs molt every 2-4 weeks, in adult barbs is the intermediate period larger. Also just after hibernation, transfer to larger terrarium and shortly after laying the eggs usually molt the barbules.

There are also a number of problems arise during the molt. We will describe a number of points such as below where you can recognize that a bearded dragon to problems with sloughing suffer and what you can do. Aphid problems can be quite annoying for the bearded Dragon. In addition, the problems with sloughing on a low resistance (also not good for the new appendages). 


Just before the baardagemen molt, they lose their appetite. A few days before the molt let the old skin already somewhat loose, making the animal a dull color. The skin rips without saying loose, in which the skin as sheets of the body.


Old remnants can indicate a too dry terrarium, vitamin A deficiency, low resistance by parasites or disease, incomplete diet.


When the reptiles molt, help them not by pulling on the loose sheets, this may damage the underlying skin. Better is the animals bathing in lukewarm water. In severe cases can possibly be given a bath with mist or h.a.c.. In order to get the old remains sometimes helps to bathe in soda. If prompted, specify a regular bath and extra vitamin A.

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