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Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Purchase of a bearded dragon

Purchase of a bearded dragon

A bearded dragon can to gem. so recommended n 10-15 years old and is so really for any length of time purchased. Keeps here so also when you account for this pet.

Like all other pets (eg. dog or cat) also have bearded dragons care and attention. Going on vacation then you have someone who can take care of your animals. All things where you have to think about it in advance. 

There are a number of well known bearded dragons reptiles specialty shops or breeders. Also on reptiles scholarships you can get in touch with sellers. Nowadays there a lot at home grown and become online bv. many bearded dragons are also offered through market place.

If you want to purchase a bearded dragon, look good or the bearded Dragon look healthy. Of course this is not always on the outside, but there are some points where you can look for a healthy or sick bearded dragon to recognize previously. Below we will appoint a number of points that you can look for when purchasing your bearded dragon. 

Points to take in consideration when you bay a bearded dragon:


A healthy bearded dragon is alert. Alert means that he quickly responds to something. A healthy bearded dragon must therefore alert respond to changes in the environment. An alert bearded dragon has a high attitude, sometimes his tail curled up and looks alert around. (Lok a bearded dragon not off to a response, this can cause stress). Observe so the attitude and behavior. 


The eyes must be clear and clean. Furthermore one can check the eyes for damage (injuries).


A healthy bearded Dragon runs high on its legs (also the abdomen should be high on the legs) and does not depend on his belly on the ground. The weight must work out. A healthy b game has a round belly. The hip bones may not be visible.


The cloaca should be clean (this should not poke outward/swollen).


The animal must produce sufficient stool, with regularity and the right concentration (should be white + Brown, without mucus etc.). You can here inquiring about the owner/seller. 


A good appetite is preferred, especially in young animals. See if the seller can carry something to see if the beard has a good appetite. You notice almost immediately or a bearded Dragon reacts to seeing food. Never enter a bearded Dragon just in front of the transport (see also transport). They often cooling during transport and often experience stress, which reduces the digestion.


This should be firm/full, the bones in the tail is not visible and not fall behind the tail base. (but of course only so as not to come home only with males, which often have a slightly wider tail).

Head / Mouth:

the mouth should be free of mucus, ulcers and damage. In addition, you can view or the guy from closing properly.


you can check whether the bearded dragon has all limbs or suffer from deformities. Bearded dragons that they see regularly at a few toes or miss a piece of the tail, this provides (at good healing) no health risk, but is of course less beautiful. In addition, any injuries be prevented as much as possible for the welfare of the animal. However, deformities limiting is at a great risk, because these animals at greater risk on more health problems. 


This may have been caused by lack of proper nutrition and dietary supplements and/or wrong housing and exposure. (Deformities are a serious matter and can cause major health risk recommended s)


You can possibly have the housing judge where the bearded dragons are kept or in question. more info on bv. the Uv lights to the seller.

Care / Maintenance:

Check with the breeder/buyer about the care and growth. Try to find out if they are the right nutrition (supplements), housing, heating (ambient temperature), lighting (Uv).


It would be good to visit the parents or evt. s's picture to see recommended, so you know what the expectations are of the will to grow beard. In addition, you can also make enquiries to the health of the adult couple.


Buy and sell baardagaampjes never younger than 8 weeks old. Only when the animals over 8 weeks is the responsible to transport the animal. For this age can be stressfull, which even harmful to young animals.

The first days in the new accommodation:

It is advisable to keep the first weeks in quarantine new animals, good to observe, to investigate and, if necessary, to treat manure, before you get them for other animals. 

When you have purchased a bearded Dragon is it possible that this the first days does not want to eat. This is more common and is not directly a reason for panic. This is often by stress and changes of scenery, terrarium etc. Important that they get their appetite back pretty quickly. Should this take longer than 3 days, please contact the veterinarian or evt. the seller. Look what you can improve and discuss what you can do to reduce stress.

Probeer de nieuwe omgeving zoveel mogelijk aan te laten sluiten op de oude omgeving om zo stress te voorkomen. Laat de Baardagaam de eerste dagen ook liever met rust zodat hij kan wennen.

Try the new environment as much as possible to make the old environment so as to avoid stress. Let the bearded Dragon the first days also prefer alone so he can get used to it.  (Lees meer over stress en hoe dit te herkennen).


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