Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Transporting a bearded dragon


During transport, the temperature not exceed the extreme and not too fast. A box of styrofoam locks down tightly, but not enough. A stationary car cools off very quickly as with cold weather and the temperature in the Sun runs very fast on. Please keep this in mind.

A small plastic reisbak in a warm ambient temperature (car heating), with a heat jug is an excellent means of transport. It is best to use a small fry so the bearded Dragon can move as little as possible and can not hurt during transport. Just make sure the bearded Dragon fits well into the bin (not quite double folded).

The animals can be kept warm by a hot water bottle (for example bottles warm water wrapped in a towel) or heat package (heat pack) in the travel box. The latter can sometimes up to 50 C and may be so not too close to the animals are (check in advance). Also under clothing on the body remain carried animals warm.

It is comfortable for the animals if they are transported in the dark. Most animals are automatically calmer by (least stressverwekkend). Never transport the bearded dragons with a full stomach. There is a chance that the body temperature of the bearded Dragon plummets despite the precautions. This will take the body at rest and it remains undigested food. The food forms as undigested mass in the gastrointestinal, which blockages and/or vomiting.

If the bearded dragon has arrived in his new terrarium, then let him really relax after a stressful trip. 

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