Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Winter dormancy bearded dragon

Winter dormancy

In their range at night in the winter the temperatures regularly below freezing. During this time keep the bearded dragons a winter dormancy (Please note: no hibernation), who occasionally interrupted.

It's good to mimic the different seasons in captivity. By the length of the days to fit the lamps off earlier or later and to regulate the temperature, one can imitate different seasons (summer/winter).

If a bearded dragon in winter dormancy should this happen gradually. The animals may not take with a full stomach in a cool place to rest. This causes the food digested food insufficient, a prop in the stomach which can go rot. A winter rest recommended therefore brings risk s. When a bearded Dragon b.v. is weak due to illness, it is not wise to let this go in winter dormancy. First make sure the beard is strengthened.

The beginning of winter rest in the month of november, the temperature should be slowly brought back to 20 ° c during the day. should the 15 ° c at night. The term of the day should also be shortened by 14 hours of light to 10 hours of light. Also the animals must be fed less. After 8 to 10 weeks winter rest should the temperature be brought up again. If you turn on the normal temperature is then you need more than the bearded dragons. 

Bearded dragons have a winter dormancy of about 2 to 3 months, a winter rest is anything other than a winter sleep! A winter rest is really just a period of the year when bearded dragons are less active. Bearded dragons eat much less In the winter dormancy (but they must have the chance to eat and drink). The difference between hibernation and winter rest is that the metabolism slows down but not completely comes to a stop. Not all bearded dragons need a winter rest. Bearded dragons who are younger than a year don't even have winter rest!

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