Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Bearded dragon: Force-feeding


During illness sometimes bearded dragons can stop eating. Only when necessary you can Force-fed your bearded dragon. First try to eliminate the cause of the food refusal. Forced feeding is very stressful and should only be applied as a last resort. If you are unsure always consult your veterinair. 

There is special force-feeding powder available or you could prepare something yourselve (best you get a special powder from your veterinairy). It´s important that the food is high dosed whit nutrients, for a better recovery . Force-feeding is liquid (often also warmed up) and can be inserted through an eyedropper. Often there is a great taste and smell to invite the animals to eat. An example of a force-fed which can be used is: Nutri Burt or prutty bird (rearing feed for young tame birds, with a sweet smell and taste).

Forde-feeding can sometimes be a daunting task. Bearded dragons can firmly hold their jaws togheter and quckly injure you whit their sharp claws. Sometimes it can be hart to even losen this jaws.Press gently with thumb and index finger on the corners of the mouth to open the mouth of a bearded dragon.

When foced-feeding fails, then go right back to the vet and let there be an infusion of nutrients. A bearded Dragon who is sick and/or weak for an extended period of time and dosen´t eats and drinks will rapidly deteriorate. 

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