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Bearded dragon: Plant diet

Plant diet

Offers the bearded Dragon every day fresh vegetable and/or fruit. In principle, the bearded dragons eat as many fruits and or vegetables as they want. Each bearded dragon has its own preference. All bearded dragons lusts like leafy vegetables and sweet fruit (e.g. strawberry, kiwi). Interestingly, bearded dragons are preferred for brightly colored vegetables, fruits and flowers (especially yellow). Money also for fruit and vegetables the rule variation.

It is sometimes recommended that dietary supplements on the green to do enter. However, we recommend this. If the animals are animals eat enough food that is well powdered with nutritional supplements, they gain in principle sufficient inside. Dispensing of food supplements is also less easy than when administering through food animals. In addition, the supplements affect the taste (often have a bitter taste). If you nevertheless choose to intersperse dietary supplements on the Green feed, make sure it is sweet in taste. (e.g. Pogona Vittimix of 101 Dragons, especially for bearded dragons). 

Look in the food list so you know what power supply can be given. Klik hier!

My bearded dragon eat no fruit and vegetables

There are several reasons why a bearded Dragon eat no fruit and vegetables. Beside that there are health reasons can play there can also be other scenarios may prevent your bearded Dragon eat no vegetables and druit. Each bearded Dragon might have his own preference for different kinds of vegetable and/or fruit, but all bearded dragons lusts fruits and vegetables. It is also important that they get their serving of vegetable nutrition. So if you have a bearded dragon that no vegetable and/or fruit to eat, give the should not be on! Below are some helpful tips and some more explanation for you,   about the reason that your bearded Dragon may not want to eat vegetables or fruit. 

First of all, it is wise to determine why you want to eat no bearded Dragon fruit and vegetables. When the cause is clear, one can more easily a "plan of action". Medical causes should be excluded. 

A reason that a bearded Dragon eat no vegetables or fruits, may be that this is never used to fruit and vegetables. The bearded Dragon find it strange and must learn that eating is. Our bearded Dragons have from the first day they are with us or come out of the egg, fruit and vegetables offered. So even with the young bearded dragons who just came out of the egg, was a fresh dish vegetables (no water). The bearded dragons start normally take a few days after they have come out of the egg eating. However, we saw that some bearded dragons soon became interested in the tray with fruits and vegetables. They soon began to eat and the other brothers and sisters followed quickly. So just continue to offer, every day from day 1 to get them acquainted with the different types of food. 

In addition, our bearded dragons used to be held regularly with a large pair of tweezers. When they the tweezers (rather than your fingers) go associate with food, you can the bearded Dragon with the tweezers so learning new things or eat fruit and vegetables bv. Offer it to with the tweezers and see what he find. Sometimes I manage in 1 time, some animals do there longer before they start eating fruit and vegetables. 

Second, it could be that you are bearded Dragon fruit and vegetables let alone because he already has eaten enough and full. This happened when the bearded Dragon too much spoiled, because this too often-many live food. It also brings health reason, when you use the bearded Dragon too often-many live food. The high source of protein and nutrients of the living food animals raised the risk of obesity and the risk of fatty liver. 

When the bearded Dragon simply no fruits and vegetables eat because this simply too many live food offered, ud e following things. Try to give them extra yummy vegetable and fruit varieties. Some bearded dragons come on colored food, as e.g. yellow kiwi, because they often turn out to have preference. If they are not on the delicacies come down one can some days no live feed offering. The bearded Dragon goes without saying food search as soon as they pull/get hungry. As soon as they weather the tasty vegetable and fruit tasting they will probably keep eating green feeds, when you back the normal amount of live food goes.

However, there are some things that you should observe before you the food increase in animal food abrubt stops. This should not cause possible if the medical. In this case, the first to be examined by a reptile animal art, to determine the appropriate treatment/rapprochement. A healthy bearded Dragon can safely a few days without live food offered to get, without damage of. I would like to stress that you never just without the condition of the bearded dragon to assess the food increase may change or temporarily stop. If it turns out to go for a medical reason, there are often other options for an animal to feel "well" again and eat, that must first be examined. 

As a last tip, I would like to pass on to verse. Fruit and vegetables quickly become bad under the hot lights in the terrarium. Give so no old fruit or vegetable and certainly no spoiled food. Then let them the next time their vegetable and fruit wont turn. 



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