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Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Bearded dragon> Callisia Repens

Callisia Repens

In Germany, it was discovered that this plants liked by many animal species is eaten (like, rabbits, rodents, birds, turtles etc.). The origin of the Golliwoog is located in South America. That makes the plant due to its somewhat bitter taste, and the ability to store a lot of water, eaten by the native animals like.

An independent Institute of animal feed ingredients, and on the Golliwoog are investigated under the supervision of veterinarians were there feed testing done at different animals. All animals came after eating Golliwoog the following rash; After recording of Golliwoog showed itself at the animals an undisturbed balance, healthy and balanced.

Golliwoog is in many respects an enrichment and addition to the menu of various reptiles. Partly because of the high moisture content, natural vitamins and minerals is a healthy and natural food. In addition, the animals can enjoy eating (piece) of this plant. It is also easy to maintain a happy plant.

There are several plants that can grow one can be fed to bearded dragons. Even plants and weeds grow in the garden and between the grass, which can be given to bearded dragons. (zie voederlijst).





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