Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Water requirements of the bearded dragon

Water requirements 

Bearded dragons have no size water need. Adult bearded dragons do have a permanently filled, clean water supply where they can drink from. The sweetest drink them falling drops (or drops that unroll their nose). When a bearded Dragon drinking, the head held down and tries to suck the water on the bearded dragon.

A bearded dragon who constantly too often and drink too much water, may have health problems. Please contact a reptile specialist.

Water serves for the fluid balance, hygiene, but also for the pleasure and bathing (see also in bath) have to be done on a regular basis. Lukewarm water can also be stimulating to clogging. Lukewarm water can also be stimulating at clogging (see also diseases). (zie ook ziektes)

Give young bearded dragons no deep water distributor

Young bearded dragons can quickly drown. For this reason, it recommended that you do not become a drinking trough full of water to put down in a terrarium of young animals. In adult animals you can purchase a fixed water dish.  

Give young bearded dragons no deep water distributor

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