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Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Bearded dragon: Bathing / Swimming

Bathing / Swimming

Most bearded dragons love to go after a little practice in bath and can also reasonably swimming. They are fond of water (just after) and are generally quite fascinated. Especially young animals are fascinated by water (e.g. drops on the glass or on the ground, circles on the surface of the water) and can also really hit in a kind of trance when they are in water. This creates the risk for drowning 

When the bearded dragon in bath is going to feel than by hand or the pool is at the right temperature (+/-25 °). First do a small layer in the bath and if they like it can be this more and more. Put the bearded Dragon there quietly and gradually in. Make sure that the bearded dragon has aaltijd ondersneuning or at least can run itself out of the water. If you have a small pool with a small layer of water you can submit in a large stone bath above the water. Swimming requires a lot of energy and it is not intended that the bearded dragon is running out. 

There can gently trickled some water over the back and head. Always support the bearded dragon to its front legs (so he doesn't suddenly hit and bang can be under water). If the bearded Dragon, the hind legs not necessarily more peaceful remains to be supported, so that the bearded Dragon with the abdomen in the water floats/drives. 

When the bearded dragon suffer constipation, can there be a weather moved through the water soft. As a beard suffer from clogging, can a baby bath stimulating and can look soft on the tummy rub. The stool is often while bathing. 

If they come from they bearded dragons quickly at room temperature cooling bath (risk of airway problems see also diseases). The bearded Dragon if necessary gently dry with a tip of the towel (so that not all the land cover right again burn to the wet skin) and then turn it in the terrarium. (kans op luchtwegproblemen zie ook ziektes)

Can bearded dragons swim?

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