Pogona Vitticeps

Baardagaam/Bearded Dragon



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Bearded dragon / Pogona Vitticeps

The bearded dragon as pet

The bearded Dragon is nowadays a very popular pet. This is primarily because these reptiles under the right conditions can be somewhat tame. This will mean that the shyness/timidity for people disappears.

They come in different colours and sizes. The Pogona Vitticeps is one of the most famous lizards species because it has become very popular as an exotic pet. The bearded Dragon is kept world-wide as exotic pet, so there has become some confusion about the lifestyle. Currently they are traded in large numbers.

Still, a bearded dragon is not just a pet what you impulsively purchase. It's always a lot of responsibility to take care of a pet.

On this site you will find all the information you need to know about bearded dragons. We discuss everything from growing up, to taking care of a adult bearded dragon.  

Bearded dragon / Pogona Vitticeps

The bearded Dragon is a horned lizard,that belongs to the family Agamas. Bearded dragons have a scaly skin and have many spines mainly around the head, beard and the sides of the body. These spines may look impressive, but the arn´t dangerous at all.They use this as a deterrent against other animals, when they feel threatened. Bearded dragons owe their name to the ability to spread out their ' beard '. They do this by means of tensioning bones under the chin. There are several types of Bearded Dragons. All bearded dragons are referred to the genus Pogona (Latin), such as the Pogona henrylawsoni , which is smaller and has a less highly developed beard. We will described the Pogona Vitticeps. The most famous among the species.  

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